We do bespoke , unique, once-in-a-lifetime, love-soaked weddings that describe you in every detail 

Making It Uniquely Yours

So your thoughts at this stage : I can do this. . .or wait can I ? 
You have all the help you can think of and planned your event to the T,
but you are so unsureif it all comes together and not sure if you are
happy with the theme and colour combinations. . . ?
Then all these questions again : Moddern ? Classic ? Lavish ? Vintage ?
The opportunities are endless . . .
You would love an event that is simple yet elegant or is it maybe
something that's chic and glamorous ?
Stop - breath, we are here to help ! 
Now for the process :

- We set-up a meeting with you to get as much as possible info

           from you to undertsand who you are, & what your needs may be.

- Our next meeting will be with mood boards to make sure we are all

          on the same page and pick out your favourite items. 

- Last meeting will be a décor and flower mock-up table at your

          venue so that you can get the full picture

Remember : Whatever your preference is, we will help you define it

and then design a one-of-a-kind event, revealing your style and 

making it uniquely yours


Whats next ? 

Email us to that we can set-up meeting with you

Remember to define and specify all details in your email

We will Create Mood boards that will be ready at your first meeting

Once you have a clear vision of where we are heading we

do a mock-up table


- An Hourly fee of R500 is charged per meeting

         ( for discussing mood boards )

- Mock-up table is charged at R875


Let us do the styling and you the hiringWe take charge of conceptualising every little detail of your big day,

from the venue layout,  
ceremony décor, furniture, lighting and stationery design, all the way to
the place settings
and tablescape at your reception.
We pull inspiration from your lifestyle, personalities and unique
As décor stylists, we tell your story and create a visual experience
that thread
through each step of your wedding/event, celebrating who you
both are and
connecting that theme to your guests.
We do bespoke, unique, once-in-a-lifetime, love-soaked weddings/events
 that descr
ibe you in every detail - making it uniquely yours !
we do bespoke , unique, once-in-a-lifetime , love-soaked weddings that descibe you in every detail
Making it Uniquely Yours



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