Balloon Wall Terms and Conditions


1) Damages, breakages and shortages will be charged to the clients account according to the replacement value set below.

2) The Hirer/client, is responsible for any loss or damage to the stand and silk flowers, from the SET UP to COLLECTION of the backdrop.

3) For every missing flower the hirer/client will be charged R65 ( excl Vat ) per flower

4) The Balloon Wall Backdrop stand will be charged at R6 000 (excl VAT) if the stand is vandalised / damaged / stolen. 

5) We have no control over wind. If the Balloon Wall is blown over by wind and the wall is damaged you will be liable for damages and we will bill you according to the damages and charges will be deducted of your breakage deposit

6) If any hired sign is broken upon collection, a replacement fee will be charged and deducted of your breakage deposit

7) The neon light numbers will be charged at R750 (excl VAT ) per number if its damaged or broken upon collection.


DISCLAIMER CLAUSE: No responsibility will be accepted for injury caused by use of the Balloon Wall Backdrop hired.

CANCELLATIONS: The Balloon Wall Backdrop will only be cancelled if such a cancellation instructions is received in writing. This may be e-mailed to 


Balloon Wall Cancellation penalties:

1) Anything less than 72 Hours notice will forfeit the booking and no money will be returned other than the breakage deposit

2) 1-3 Weeks before event 25% fee will be incurred of total invoice fee

3) More than 4 weeks a full payment return will be done to the client


RESCHEDULING: A reschedule is treated as a cancellation. Making Memories Events & Décor (Pty) Ltd will only reschedule a booked function if we have received such instructions in writing. 


1) Set-up will be done by Making Memories Events & Décor (Pty) Ltd only. A set up manager will be present only until all of the items reflected on Making Memories Events & Décor (Pty) Ltd invoice is set up.

2) If Services are required over and above the set up such as coordinating, a separate fee will be charged and must be arranged at least one month prior to the function date. 

3) For set-up of the Balloon Wall Backdrop at least 2.5m x 2.5m space is needed. 

4) The hirer/client is not allowed to move the Balloon Wall Backdrop from the set-up area and is not allowed to add anything to the balloons.  The Balloon Wall Backdrop wall is not allowed to stay outside overnight, so it will be collected as soon as the sun sets ( winter 6pm and summer 7pm )

5) When the collection staff gets to site upon collection and the backdrop is not standing where it was upon set-up, the refundable deposit will not be paid back.

6) If the collection team need to wait more than 15min after the scheduled collection time of the Balloon Wall Backdrop, R250 per 30min will be charged and deducted of your breakage deposit. 

7) The balloon wall can not stand outside in the rain. The client would need to have a plan B in place for the flower wall to stand under cover ( not a gazebo or tent ) Under no circumstances will a set-up take place outside, if its cloudy or rain is predicted.

8) No smoke bombs are allowed to be used within the vacinity of the Balloon Wall Backdrop. The powder travels trough the air and damages and colours the flowers. You will be charged in full, R5 000 (excl VAT) if the Balloon Wall Backdrop flowers is not in the same condition as per set-up.

9) Its not recommened that the light numbers stay on longer than 12hours. Please ensure to swtich them off after your event ( before 12hours ) or the power box will be blown and R350 ( excl VAT ) will be charged for replacement.

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